Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hair! Hair!

Well, we took the kids for hair cuts this week. This was Levi's first haircut! Yes, he is almost 22 months old, and a little follicularly-challenged. His beautiful red locks have been slow to grow, but they have been there since birth. In fact when he was born (by c-section) the doctor didn't say "it's a boy!", no we got "he's a gingey!"

Anyway, we took the rag-a-muffins to our regular children's hairdresser, They have cars and animals for the kids to sit on when they get their hair cut, and a ball pit for them to play in while waiting.

... and a lollipop or two to cap off a great first hair cut.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

What to do in the c-c-c-cold weather?

We have had such a mild winter so far, but it came in with a roar this past week. Windchills down to     -35ish sure make a momma want to stay indoors. But, keeping the kiddos couped up for days on end is not a good idea if we don't want them completely destroying the house and eachother. So what do we do in this type of weather? Coffee shops with indoor play space for the kids are perfect for us, I get to indulge my favourite addiction (caffiene), and the kids run off lots of steam. I love watching them interact with other kids too.

Mikayla will always try to find another girl who looks about her age to play with. She is very out going with everyone and anyone, but gets very upset if either her new friend stops playing with her, or has to leave.
Gavin is a little less forward, but does not sit back in a corner by any means! He tends to follow his sister's lead, he doesn't seek out another playmate, but usually gets right in there with Mika and her new found friend. They often run and play to the point of breaking a sweat!

Levi loves playing at the indoor playgrounds as well. He tries to keep up with Mikayla and Gavin, but usually ends up playing on his own. Don't feel too sad for him, he always has a blast!!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Where to begin...

I suppose I have to begin somewhere. Like many (most?) mothers it often feels like it all begins, and ends, with my kids. So why not start there?
Of course my motherhood began nearly 6 years ago now, so that might be a little too long ago to look back to right now. That will be something to reminisce about at a later date. Today I have 3 incredible kids, who make me smile with their antics, and often leave me pulling at my hair! They have such strong personalities, which can cause trouble at times, but it sure makes our days exciting!

Mikayla is one of a kind. Wild, and strong-willed, but very sensitive and caring. She often "mothers" her brothers. She was described by her pre-school teacher (2years ago) as an alpha-girl, which still holds true to this day.

Gavin is the sweetest little devil. Full of mischeif with the energy to match. Of course he also has a very sensitive side, he's a home-body and wants mamma and daddy around all the time.

Levi is our little jokster. He giggles all the time. He looks up to his brother and sister, and just wants to do everything they do. He also has a stubborn side, and has given us the best tantrums of the three.

So there's a start, a tiny little glimpse at the three most loveable little monsters ever.

Friday, 13 January 2012

A New Endeavor

I'm starting this blog as a way to keep track of the crazy, funny and totally hair-raising things that go on in my world. At this point I'm not even sure if I'll "advertise" that this little space exists to my friends and family, but what I hope to do is have a journal of those little daily memories that can so easily get lost in a busy life. I LOVE taking pictures of my kids, and have a collection of digital photos somewhere around the 20,000 mark. I spend hours looking through them and reliving great times, but I'm starting to want to keep a log of the things they say, not just the expressions they make when my lens is pointed at them. Maybe it will be something I can keep up with, and I'm hoping I can, but let's face it... three little monkeys keep me going morning to night. I'm also hoping that starting up this little endeavor will push me to learn how to take better photos of those three little monkeys, so I can turn my photo taking obsession into perhaps a little more skill.