In my spare time (like I have any of that!), I'm a self-taught cake decorator. I'm not really sure what got me interested in cakes to start with. I remember a few really neat cakes that my mom made for us as kids, a ballerina, and a crocodile stick out in my mind. And of course I love watching cake decorating shows.
When my first baby turned one (over 6 years ago!) I just wanted to do something more than a sheet cake, so I cut out a number one for her cake. For some reason I have no photos of that primitive  lovely first attempt at cake decorating. Since then I've tried (and sometimes failed) to make the type of cake my kids (and other family members) have requested for their birthdays.
I find cake decorating to be a creative outlet. I actually enjoy staying up late, music playing in the background, trying to get the vision in my head to come alive in cake form. Plus, the resulting piece of art tastes really yummy too! I am willing to admit that when I started decorating cakes I used cake mix (from a box!) to bake the cakes. Unfortunately I soon realized that the cake-mix cakes didn't have the consistency/texture I was looking for, and wouldn't stand up for bigger cakes. By no means do I consider myself an expert baker, but at the very least now I have a small collection of recipes that have been tried and tested - am seem to stand up in both taste and decorating ability.
For right now this page will be dedicated to the cake decorating/design and not so much to the baking (recipes), as those are by far less interesting to me.
So without further ado, in reverse chronological order, here are my cakes (or cupcakes) and the occasion for which they were made. Keep checking back to see more cakes and such as I post them.

Angry Birds - for Levi's 3rd Birthday (full post here)

Webkinz - for Mikayla's 7th Birthday (full post here)

My Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary Cake (full post here)

Fall - for my 33rd birthday (full post here)

Batman - for Gavin's 4th Birthday (full post here)

Cupcakes - for Gavin to take to school on his 4th Birthday 

Mario - for Jackson's 9th Birthday (full post here)

Finn McMissile - for Levi's 2nd Birthday (full post here)

Monster High - for Mikayla's 6th Birthday (full post here)

Cake Pops for Jan, Purple and sprinkles for Mikayla

Pirate Baby - for Quintin's Baby Shower

Purple Cake Pops - meeting Brynnleigh for the first time

Spiderman - for Gavin's 3rd Birthday

Blue and Brown - for Tristan's Baby Shower

Zoo Animals - for Levi's 1st Birthday

Hello Kitty - for Mikayla's 5th Birthday

Simple - for Nan's 91st Birthday

Dump Truck - for Gavin's 2nd Birthday

Barbie - for Mikayla's 4th Birthday

Spiderman - for the hubby's 41st Birthday

Cookie Monster and Elmo - for Gavin's 1st Birthday

Shrek - for Mikayla's 3rd Birthday


  1. Your cakes are amazing!!! My son will be 4 this May and loves, loves, loves Finn McMissile. I am going to try and make him a Finn McMissile cake. Thank you for all the informative details.

    1. Thanks so much. I hope your cake is a success!

  2. I think you have a portfolio of cake designs that qualify you as a professional cahe designer!