Tuesday, 6 August 2013

... And they lived happily ever after.

I wonder how long "ever after" is? Like they say in fairy tales; they lived happily EVER AFTER. I've come to the conclusion this week that this life I'm living right now is my personal "happily ever after". Our "ever after" reached a huge milestone on August Second, when the husband and I celebrated TEN years of wedded bliss. I wasn't actually feeling the magnitude of this milestone leading up to it, after-all my parents just celebrated Forty and each set of my grandparents made it past Sixty! But as Jan and I got away from the kids for two days of alone-time together, I felt more and more pride in this milestone we've achieved. Why not be proud of each step along the way, instead of waiting for some unknown time in the future to reach "happily ever after".
Jan and I had a great time away from everything to celebrate, believe it or not, this was the first time the two of us had been away from our three kids for two nights in a row - ever! We didn't have cell phone or Internet reception, so we really had some quality ALONE time. I didn't even go into technology withdrawl, and had only a slight moment of anxiety that we couldn't be reached should anything happen with the kids. We stayed at the Cedar Chalets in Nakusp, BC. Right beside the hot springs! We were able to take advantage of the the hot springs 3 times in two days! Ahhhhh, bliss. Plus we got to sleep in until 11:00, I don't think I could have asked for a better way to celebrate our anniversary. Seriously. Perfect.
I love you Johnson.

Looking forward to many more decades ahead my love!
Happy Anniversary

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Gone Fishin'

We're on our annual holiday out to "the lake" to visit Grandma and Grandpa! Kids are having a blast catching minnows, burying themselves in sand, going for boat rides, fishing and riding quads with Grandpa, and picking cherries and raspberries. Jan is having fun making homemade rootbeer, taking a day trip for fruit and veggies from the Okanagan with his dad, pickling cucumbers, pitting cherries and freezing them, and fishing too of course. I am having fun taking pictures of all the fun being had, and soaking in the sunshine, and even getting the odd sleep-in! Oh wait, I also forgot we've also had a trip to town to spend the kids' holiday money on ice cream and toys, a fantastic dip in the hotsprings as a family, a community BBQ at the park, and a beach bonfire! Sounds like we've been busy this week, and there's still another week to go!

Levi and Grandpa ride a quad around the yard

Gavin gets a ride too!

She makes it look like a really fast, crazy ride

Mmmm... raspberries are one of my favourite things!

There may have been a little more eating then picking going on!

Look Ma, I got a raspberry.

It was getting dark when they got in from an evening of fishing... Gavin "helped" Grandpa reel in a 7 1/2lbs Rainbow!

Mikayla had a successful early morning fishing trip with Daddy and Grandpa.
We BBQ'd both hers and Gavin's that night, and I couldn't believe how much the kids ate!!!

I can't even count the number of times I've buried my children up to their necks in sand this week!

Good thing you've got those goggles on Gav, you never know when they might come in handy!

Washing the sand out of all the crevasses after being buried!

We took a little boat ride to see this water bomber that was anchored just down the lake from us. It is huge, this picture does not do it justice.

Mikayla helped Daddy pick cherries, which Jan later spent an entire morning pitting and freezing for us to take home for smoothies and pies!

Another child up to her neck in sand!

Boat ride

That's my boy!

My hot hubby

Up next... We get to sneak away from the kids tomorrow for two nights to celebrate our anniversary, I can't wait! Then some peach canning and more beach time to round out the holidays!