Thursday, 7 November 2013

Camping at Sandy McNabb

We've been doing a lot of camping at Sandy McNabb the past couple of years, it's close, the facilities are nice, there's a good park for the kids... what's not to love?
When we went at the end of this summer we ventured down to the river to check out the damage from the flooding in June, wow, it was unbelievable.

Gavin hanging around at the park

 Mikayla climbing up the chain

Levi playing in the fort that the daddies put together. One bonus of big rains/flooding, there's lots of debris to build forts with afterwards.

At the Sheep River... kids were having fun throwing rocks, I just couldn't get over the flood damage.

More pictures of the Sheep River...

We drove up the road a bit to the falls, and again couldn't believe the flood devastation.

The family at the falls

My gorgeous kids

Gavin cools off with a dip in the river

It's making me miss the summertime fun! And now there's snow on the ground... ugh.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Camping at Johnston's Canyon

Oh how I miss blogging! I've been drowning in a sea of clinical practice guidelines and community assessment models (don't be too jealous). But I handed in a 3000 word essay last night, and a I have a whole morning with all 3 kids in school and my next assignment looming in the distant enough future that I can blog a bit, yay.

We went on a couple camping trips at the end of summer that I never did get to post about, the first was at Johnston's Canyon, where the unthinkable happened - the first night our site didn't have a fire pit! But after one night of near-torture for Jan, we got a beautiful double site for ourselves and our friends, complete with fire pit, and all was not lost.

 Here we are at the falls on our hike at Johnston's Canyon. Jan made me take off my hat for the picture, please ignore the horrible hair day!

 There always seems to be someone with their tongue sticking out!

I have the craziest kids. They make me smile.

 Levi and Daddy at the twisted tree at Johnston's Canyon

Mikayla climbing the twisted tree.

Scenery picture on our hike.

Posing with the bear, not sure why Levi is crying in this picture, I think he wanted to sit where Gavin was.

More to come... (I hope).