Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fish & Farmer's

Saturday of our California vacation was a day for markets... specifically the Fish Market at Santa Barbara Harbour and the Farmer's Market in downtown Santa Barbara. Straight from the market the food is so fresh, seriously, you can't go wrong with fresh! The fish was amazing (I should really live near the ocean for this reason alone), the fruits and veggies had flavours you can only dream about getting from a grocery store.

My loves at the harbour. Posing for Mom and that darn camera again! Thanks guys for putting up with all my photo taking.

It's really close to impossible to get the three of them all looking in the same direction and looking like it's not pure torture to be photographed by their mother.

 The coolest kid at the harbour! Look at all those boats!

My gorgeous girl, and gorgeous flowers at the farmer's market

 This is what happens when I say "Look, don't touch"

 The boys chose berries for their Farmer's Market treat (blueberries and blackberries) and Mikayla chose tangerines and strawberries.

Mmmmm, my mouth is watering now thinking about all those flavours.

Speaking of watering mouth... we had such amazing dinners during our vacation. This night we had halibut, lobster, baby potatoes, and fresh salad - YUM!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Vacation: Part Deux

Thursday was our first real day of vacation, it was spent pretty low key, getting some groceries planning what everyone wants to do, hanging out around the pool and taking the dogs for a walk. 

Of course it was also valentines day, and this is definitely the first year EVER that Jan and I have not really acknowledged the day at all. Getting ready to go on holidays had me too preoccupied to get valentines cards/gifts/etc together before leaving, and neither of us really were upset that it was pushed aside this year. So it's official folks: fifteen Valentines Days together is when it is acceptable to push the day aside for other less romantic but very important things in life.

Friday was the big day, OUTLET MALL DAY!  We spent about 7 hours shopping, and still didn't get everything we needed for the family. Gavin and Levi stayed back at the house with Auntie Jackie and Uncle Kenny, which was really nice for getting things done at the outlets. They had a blast swimming and playing all day, way more fun for them than shopping. Mikayla, of course, wanted to come along for the shopping trip, she was in her element. She loves picking out clothes, trying them on, and using her spending money in her wallet. I'm sure she feels like a really big girl when she gets to shop like mommy.
I only wish we'd had more time (and money) to spend at the outlets! 

The drive down the Pacific coast highway is quite beautiful, I had to play stereotypical tourist and snap pictures of the ocean out our car window as we drove! That's what happens when you live in a landlocked city I suppose. 

We shopped that mall from the time it opened until the sun started setting, and got quite the show of colours on the way home. The pictures really don't do the beautiful sunset any justice.

So far a great start to this vacation! Stay tuned...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

We're on vacation!

The Johnson's are on vacation. This time around we are in Santa Barbara, California. We left home Wednesday afternoon, flew to LA, then drove north to SB.  The flight to LA was very uneventful. The only hiccup being that the flight was totally full and they couldn't get us 5 seats together, the hubby was 10 rows away. Poor Jan had to spend the whole flight on his own, not worrying about snacks and potty breaks and headphones, and taking turns, and drinks, and potty breaks, and ... and ... But, the kids did really well, and I had it pretty easy for 3 on one. How did people travel with kids before the age of handheld electronics?
Then of course after the flight, getting luggage, and the rental car, we had a 2 hour drive north from LA to Santa Barbara. Levi was asleep before we knew it.
We are staying with Jan's family (Mom, Dad, Sisters and bro-in-law) in a great in a 5 bedroom house we rented for the week. The biggest bonus to this place are the pool and hot tub out back, the kids have been looking forward to that the most!

Looking forward to a full and exciting week in California! More to come....

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Potty Training

I know this might sound ridiculous to some, but this is one the best things to have happened around here. And what is this most amazing thing you ask? It's Levi potty training of course!!

We have had kids in diapers for almost 7 years now! Two at a time for parts of it! So to say that I'm ready to be done diapers is a little bit of an understatement. I've left Levi's potty training a little later than the older two, mostly because he really was not showing any signs of wanting to use the potty. But a couple weeks ago I'd had enough. I decided to stop waiting for his readiness, and see if I could gently nudge him in the right direction. Luckily we didn't really have any backlash, he's taken to it without protest, thank God. It has gone slowly for sure, but we are making serious strides: we've even had two nights waking up dry, the accidents are becoming fewer, and successful trips to the potty are becoming the norm. And today the Holy Grail of potty training... Number 2!!! Yes folks: poo-poo on the potty.

I'm a proud Momma.

iPhone Photo Dump

Just a little look back on the month of January with photos from my phone. Not great quality but sometimes the phone is the only camera on hand. 

Skiing lessons - Bubble Moustaches  
Mommy Daughter Manicure - Hair cut - Margarita for Mom 
Boys at the Mall - Dinner out with Nan