Wednesday, 25 September 2013


At the beginning of this month something unbelievable happened, I had a weekend away! Just me and my sister. Four whole days without cooking or dishes, spills or laundry, arguing or time-outs! Of course I missed my family immensely while I was gone, but it was a good mental-health break from the craziness of daily life.

My sister invited me to visit her in Chicago, and the two of us had a really good time walking around the city, sight-seeing, and eating. How much walking did you do, you ask? Over 20 miles in four days according to Tamasin's bracelet that monitors how many steps she takes. She lives right in downtown Chicago, so we were able to walk just about everywhere we went. There's tons to see, so close to her place, and amazing restaurants at every turn. Don't even get me started on the food!!! So yummy!!

I barely scratched the surface of Chicago's amazingness in my four days there, but here is a look of some of the stuff I was able to take in.

The architecture in Chicago is quite fantastic, I've never really been an "architecture nut", but the buildings there are really something else.

"Chicago" sign

The view from the Trump Tower Observation Patio.
Don't ask me to name all the buildings, there are far too many to remember all their names!

The boat we went on to take in a tour of Chicago architecture. Really a highlight of the trip.

The Trump Tower (this one I remember the name of!)

I have no idea what this little building was built to do, but it sure is pretty.

More buildings, from the boat tour.

Me and some pigs. Actually they are not meant to be pigs, some other animal, but I think they look like pigs.

"The Bean"
It's just so cool, and looks different from every angle! It's pretty popular too, we saw 4 wedding parties getting pictures  taken there in the 15 minutes we spent there.

The Field Museum.
This is the main thing I had on my "must see" list, and it didn't disappoint.
Yes I am a geek.

What a fantastic time I had in Chicago. Thanks Tam for having me, I can't wait to come back, and watch out because I'm bringing the whole family with me next time ;)

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